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September 23, 2020

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How I’ve Minimized My Look and Maximized Confidence

Want to know something really embarrassing? I used to go to sleep with makeup on then wake up early and wash my face just to reapply more so that no one ever saw me WITHOUT it! 

The worst was when I started wearing makeup to bed in college. It started after a fire alarm went off in the building my dorm was in at around 4am one night. While everyone was evacuating the building, ya girl was in the bathroom frantically applying foundation and eye liner right quick!! I didn’t want to be caught without it and literally risked my life for eyeliner and foundation. EYELINER + FOUNDATION! Told you it was embarrassing. 

Obviously I had some issues that needed to be worked out. And I wish I could say I had it all together by the time Lewis and I were engaged. I remember researching permanent makeup and wondering how I could convince Lew that I just “woke up like this” once we got married. He knew what I was doing all along, but praise the Lord for deliverance y’all!! And for those acne scars f i n a l l y clearing up (although it’s good those scars took their time–because as cliche as it may sound, through them and a few other things I learned to cultivate self worth apart from appearance). It’s easy to get sidetracked by our own weaknesses and insecurities, but in doing so we sometimes allow ourselves to miss out on the joys and desires we’ve longed for. As soon as I focused on minimizing those negative thoughts by filling my heart with prayer & positivity, it maximized my confidence and helped me become a better version of myself. And this version believes that beauty is found in the places where we look most like Christ. Where we focus on others and are never caught up in ourselves or what others think of us. “Lord, let them see you in me” This is my life song! 💞

Fast forward to my beauty routine now.  I love taking days off from makeup to treat my skin because wearing a ton of products can really do a number on it. I also love getting dressed most days and applying makeup because it’s fun and makes me feel like a lady. To each is own. I think the best look is a smile + confidence. Lew thinks I’m prettiest with “sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on” so lately I’ve leaned towards products that give me that appearance. 🙂

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