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January 24, 2022

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Houston: Family Date Night

We spent 24 hours in Houston just to catch the Lakers play the Rockets at the Houston Toyota Center. Can you believe it?? Before knowing Lew, I pretty much had zero interest in basketball. But now? I live in a home full of basketball loving Lebron fans. We bought tickets a couple weeks ago and hoped he’d be back from his injury in time for this game. Lew and I had a brief moment of being disappointed when we found out he wouldn’t, but knew this surprise trip for the boys would be one they’d always remember no matter what. Pluuus we’d get to witness James Harden and his unprecedented scoring binge.

The boys gave us their top 5 reasons they loved seeing an NBA game live:

  1. Snacks (Really no surprise here).
  2. The Energy in the Arena- All three of them were LIT the entire time. Lew and I laughed until we cried at least 20 times that night.
  3. The Music-London put on a show for anyone who’d watch him dance.
  4. Quality Time
  5. They Got to Stay up Late

We flew back to Atlanta the next morning high on happiness. This is what makes me feel rich. Live your priorities, friends. And make memories with the ones you love. ♡


Special thanks to GLO Fotografia for capturing these moments for us! XO

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