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September 23, 2020

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Mommy & Son Date Ideas

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I grew up as an only child so I never had to share my parents with a sibling. When I was pregnant with London it randomly occurred to me that Jordan’s time with me would be split with his brother! I didn’t know what that would look like, but I did know that I didn’t want anything or anyone to change the bond he and I shared. That’s when we started our mommy & son dates. Sometimes we have them once a week. Sometimes we have them once a month. But I make a point in scheduling time for just the two of us and we’ve created some of the best memories I know neither one of us will ever forget.

Now that London and Leo are older I’ve started the same tradition with them. It’s been fun learning new things about them and enjoying each without interruption from one of the brothers 🙂 Not only have these dates’ proven crucial to my relationship with all three boys, I also believe it will help them grow into men who know how to treat women. They hold my hand, buy me flowers and treat me like a princess on all our dates. True little gentlemen! I’ve rounded up a few dates that we enjoy:

1. Chik-fil-a (“Chick ill A” as London calls it)

This is definitely London’s favorite date because he gets away with ordering a kids meal with ice cream instead of a toy. And he only eats the ice cream. What can I say. He inherited my ice cream obsession!

2. Museums

If you’re in Atlanta and have kids, we love the Fernbank Museum! They have an area just for kids that’s really fun and kind of relaxing for us parents compared to other places. And it’s never crowded during the weekdays.

3. Movies

Jordan’s favorite kind of theater for us to go to is the Cinebistro so he can order food and prop his feet up. lol! Just like Lew! We also really love the drive-in movie during the summer time. It’s really cheap plus we pack our SUV with all our favorite snacks & blankets.

4. Skating

We’ve tried rollerskating and iceskating. Iceskating was the favorite for both London and Jordan. But I think they both jus enjoyed watching me fall. haha!

5. Zoo

What kid doesn’t love the zoo??

6. Laser Tag

Ummm..need I say more? This is Jordan’s favorite mommy/son date hands down.

7. Lunch at the park

There’s a park near our house that’s always quiet. With a blanket, snacks and a few books it’s a win for everybody.

8. Coffee date

Go to your favorite coffee shop and grab a latte for you and a coffee for your little one.

9. Bookstore

Find a new book to read together.

10. Art class/Music Class

Leo loves music class! Especially slow jams like his mama 🙂 He likes to sing right now and I hope he never stops. It’s the cutest thing!

What are some of your favorite dates with the little ones?



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