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September 23, 2020

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My Cleaning Buddies


TGIF!!!!! 🙌 I hope everyone’s had a highly productive week. I’ve been in major cleaning mode over here. With a traveling husband, 3 boys + a dog it’s easy for our house to get messy quick! I’ve been determined to stay in the habit of cleaning and picking up the house every day before bed…as well as making sure the boys are contributing. I refuse to raise men who can’t clean (I say it all the time, but I’ll say it again: you’re welcome future daughter-in-law 😉). 

Lately, the boys have been really helpful when it comes to stains, which we’re constantly removing because well…BOYS. And our dog Otis. As helpful as the boys are, I know the real reason behind their eagerness to help me clean is because of our new Hoover Vacuum. They are just as obsessed with it as I am! I got to share about it over on The Home Depot’s Blog HERE

Photos by the lovely Mecca Gamble

Happy Spring Cleaning, Fam! Xo, 


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