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September 23, 2020

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3 Ways We’re Managing Screen Time

As parents, in a world full of technological stimuli, we have been tasked with deciding for our little one’s just how much technology/screen time is appropriate, safe and within the law without airing on the side of neglect. 😏

As young parents that just about read every single parenting book published, we helicopter’d our household into a strict, no screen zone; attempting to dissuade the undesirable affects of little boys hopped up on Candy Crush. We created a militant, united front, saying “No” in unison to requests of Subway Surf and PJ Mask.

Until one day…exhausted and in need of a much needed break on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we yielded. For two hours we listened to the rain, gingerly interacting with the boys as they watched their shows with a fixed corner smile, and a bowl of fresh fruit.

Although our philosophies continuously evolve as the boys get older, we remain consistent in limiting excessive screen time + using every moment of exploration into this increasingly cyber world as a teachable one. 

Here are 3 ways we currently manage the boys’ screen time:

1. No electronics during the work week (Monday-Friday afternoon for us. And this is usually just during the school year). 

2. Screen time is earned by doing constructive, creative or charitable activities (Something as simple as picking up toys in our two-year old’s case).

3. We try to inspire them to live offline by encouraging outdoor fun + other hobbies they’ve shown interest in. 

In the end, I think it’s about doing what works best for your family. No one knows what that looks like better than you. 🖤  

How are you teaching your kids responsibility, moderation, and mindfulness when it comes to technology?

Photos by Mecca Gamble

XO! Sarah

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