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October 18, 2018

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How I Organize Our Apartment Fridge

Did you know you’re more likely to succeed with healthy eating goals when your fridge is clean and organized? 🙌


Yesterday I shared a picture of our fridge on IG and got a ton of messages asking how we keep it so organized. With 5 family members the refrigerator is hands down our most shared space! We have learned that keeping it clean + clutter free maximizes efficiency and here’s how:

  1. Food Shelf Life- We waste less food because everything has a place and is easy to see. We used to throw away tons of leftovers that would get lost in the back!
  2. Simplifies Meal Prep- We’ve found it much easier to cook and pack lunches when we don’t have to sift through a messy fridge.
  3. Promotes Independence- Easier access allows even our youngest to be able to exercise his decision making in choosing healthy snacks. Also, the bins we use help them assist us with the grocery list. When a bin is looking low, they know to add it to the list. ♡
  4. Easier Clean Up- A fridge that’s overflowing with food and containers is more difficult to clean. Now our five year old can wipe down the inside with ease.
  5. Saves Money- We no longer buy duplicates of items we already have and use up most of our food before buying more.
  6. Peace of Mind- If you’re anything like us you may open your fridge door at least 100 times a day. You deserve to find what you’re looking for without any obstacles in the way. Life is already full of so many 😉

A few tips to organizing your fridge! Start by clearing everything out and wiping it clean. Then check expiration dates and toss any old food. Next remove foods like fruit and snack items from big packaging to place in clear containers (We rinse fruit like grapes, apples, berries, etc to place in the containers for easy grabbing—also helps us eat it all before it goes bad). Sometimes I prep salads in mason jars then line them up next to our drinks on the top shelf. All leftovers get placed in glass tupperware near the bottom shelf. All condiments stay lined up in the fridge door. The biggest tip is food prep. We rinse, cut, transfer to smaller containers + label anything possible to maximize space. We also try not to overcrowd the fridge. We have 3 boys so we always have to buy in bulk, but we do our best to keep it simple. ♡


PS—I don’t normally have flowers in our fridge, although you know I would if the boys would let me! Lol. These were for a project. Normally those bins would have fruit in them 🙂

Hope all of this helps! Below I’ve linked the containers we use.

Happy organizing!


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