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September 23, 2020

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5 Unexpected Ways The Boys + I Are Staying Hydrated

Sometimes towards the end of the day I’ve had to stop and ask myself, “have I even had any water today??” It’s embarrassing, but too many times the answer has been no. And I’m not completely convinced I’ve done my best in making sure the boys have had enough to drink either. We all usually find ourselves chugging water just before bed–which is never a good idea for newly potty trained toddlers. 😉 

So in the spirit of taking better care of ourselves, here are 5 unexpected ways the boys and I are staying hydrated this month:

1. Using Straws

Not sure what it is about straws that we all love (the colorful ones down the party isle at Target always get me) but hey I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the boys interested in drinking water. 

2. Eating Spicy Foods

We all love spicy food! Even Leo. Water may not exactly settle the burning sensation in our mouth, but it’s definitely a good way to stay hydrated.

3. ‘Eating’ Our Water

Foods like watermelon, strawberries, spinach, grapefruit, and carrots all have a high water content. 

4. Moisturizing Our Skin

I read somewhere that keeping our skin hydrated helps retain water so that it stays soft. I usually buy moisturizers that have built in SPF for extra protection.

5. Upgrading our H2O

Sometimes plain water can be boring. Drinks like Welch’s 100% Juice With Coconut Water are our favorite ways to enjoy a great taste while still enjoying the benefits. They also have a new flavor the boys love called White Grape Mango. These days it’s hard to find juice the kids love while avoiding too much sugar. Both of these new flavors from Welch’s have 30% less sugar. A mom win! 💜


What are some creative ways you keep hydrated?



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