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September 21, 2021

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Boys’ Shared Bedroom

We knew the day was coming when London and Leo would be sharing a room. And if I’m being completely honest just the thought of it terrified me! From sleep schedules to volume control, I had all sorts of valid concerns. Then I realized I was worried about temporary comforts rather than long-term benefits and quickly got over my fears. We’re now a couple of months in and yes, we’ve had a few rough nights, but overall the boys are proving this arrangement to be one of the best experiences yet! Here are a few benefits we’ve encountered so far:

  • It’s strengthening their bond
  • It’s teaching respect
  • It’s building communication
  • It’s improving their sharing skills
  • It’s teaching compromise
  • It’s simplifying bedtime routine + cleanup
  • It’s making my mama heart do somersaults 🙂

What about you? Do your children share a bedroom? What pros and cons have you found? What tips do you have for making it work?

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