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September 23, 2021

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Scarlett Collection


You know that fellow mom or bestie who decides to throw a party, pins a few ideas, and pulls together a gorgeously shareable shindig in a single afternoon? I know her too… she’s just no longer me.

The details of planning a party are definitely my thing: deciding on a theme, selecting just the right decor, choosing the perfect favors, making sure everything’s color-coordinated down to the signature cocktails, tasty treats, FLOWERS… but TBH, I just don’t have the time I used to. 

Most of us don’t, though. Especially busy moms, who, let’s face it, need playtime just as much as our kids if not more. So last time I was in the mood for a proper glam-gal brunch party, the kind where you actually send invitations instead of just texting the night before, I decided to try something new: party in a box from Scarlett Collection.  


O… M… G… is this real life? A few clicks, and there’s a Pinterest-worthy party shipped for free, waiting on my doorstep in just a few days, complete with invitations and take-home gifts for my lovebugs? And is it me, or do those balloon clusters remind anyone else of a freshly poured flute of bubbly? Pinch me. Actually, don’t.

The party themes are fresh and classic at the same time – but elevated to luxury perfection that’s as ‘grammable as it is in real-life quality. And I love the glorious add-ons and white-glove setup service, which I would definitely use for a bigger event. 

After browsing the collections, I picked Winter Swan. I may be a full-on #boymom, but my inner ballerina gets love too! Also, I appreciated the options for the number of guests you’re having – so much less waste. Another important “do good while doing well” touch? Their partnership with Bright Blessings, an org that delivers joy and positivity to kids in need through… you guessed it. Birthday parties. My heart.


The box arrived and everything was as elegant as expected – invitations, favors, and… why yes, those are tulle-wrapped bath bombs. Nothing had that discount party store feel; this is the good stuff. 

It was sooooo nice to send my guys out to do guy things, get set up, and sip some sparkling balloon-inspired goodness while I waited for my ladies to show up. Yes, waited. I was ready early.

The masks inspired us to set our phones in the other room and maintain our mystique 😉 I promise to share pics of the next #PartyWithScarlett. I’m thinking “Rosé All Day.” Cheers! ♡

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